Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick, almost a rant

As most DDOers that read the DDO forums know, there is always someone ranting about one thing or another on the forums, but last week, one caught my eye.  I am home doing training today, so I have some time to finally get around to commenting.

Ok, the rant was a rogue complaining that he likes his build that essentially did nothing but assassinate and did not need Strength.  While he is absolutely correct, there is some things he did not seem to want to consider.  He was talking about how many Epic runs he had done and oh my god, kill count.  DDO is famous for the last person to hit gets the kill, so I have never found kill count to be any measure of a toon or player.  You want to impress me, show that you can survive in any situation.  What happens when the cleric is down and you are only one left?  Can you live long enough to get the healer back up?

Those that have ran with me over the years on Sarlona knows I am a big believer in survivability and I am still one of those suckers trying to build AC based toons, ala Canttouchths.  I still think it does not matter what else you can do, how hard you hit, how bad you are sneaking up hitting something, if in the end, you are dead and in the survivors pocket.

So what does all this mean in a nutshell per see, you can build your toons anyway you see fit.  The game is about enjoyment and running your play style is what you will enjoy.  Samius and I disagree all the time on how to build something, but we have different play styles and both seem to be very successful.  But keep in mind, when you go far outside the norm, you are limiting your grouping potential.  People are going to use MyDDO (Trust me, I think it is worst tool Turbine every built), or they are going to remember what they saw when they played with you (How I prefer to learn as a great player on a weird/poor build is still better than a poor player on a great build).  So, get a tough skin and don't go ranting to the forums when you built something unusual, because you will not get much sympathy from the rank and file.  Go play and show them you are a great player with a different build.

If you have to spout in the forums, in LFMs or in group how great you are, then a little secret for you, you probably are not that great.  Keep working at it.  The best players get known on the servers and get groups because they can show how good they are by action, not bluster.

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