Monday, September 26, 2011

Bravery Bonus is kewl

OK, so I decided to make my cleric (I hate playing cleric) into my Completionist. Figure that way I don't have to do a cleric life and I get rid of my cleric. So I have a funky build in mind as usual, 3 FVS, then 8 Monk then rest back to FVS. This gets my FVS life over and I am playing with the Monk feat for Long Swords along with the FVS path for Long swords. Dual Wielding Long swords looks kewl if nothing else. So I TR'd her Friday night late and with a few other toon runs over the weekend, I was able to get her to 5.2 tonight. But the kewl part is playing with the Bravery Bonus. I have ran none of the solo quests and every quest is Elite first run. So far, I have a streak of 37 Elites. Now, that is not saying I haven't ran some hards and normals on those quest that give good xp, just that they must be done elite first. This is the first time in a long while that I can say that I have enjoyed leveling a toon. Heck, my Bastard Sword bard barely made level 8 because I hate leveling so much. Be interesting to see how far I can take this because I am doing all with just a hireling cleric. Cure light is all I have and wand whipping in the middle of fights is not conducive to getting done quick. I am not a fan of pugs so I want to see how far I can level her on her own. Go Go Sinfully, you one bad girl.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pofo has set-up his next TR

OK, I might still want to farm some epic gear, not sure, but last night definitely made a good dent in a possible TR run. So, I have been kind of out of the playing mood lately. It happens, can't get items I want, friends are off doing things I am not interested in, just in a mood or whatever. So I was sitting on Pofo last night watching the LFM's and Quiz puts up a Elite VOD run and I thought, what the heck, do it now before they up the bosses again and there is that slim chance of tomes. Quiz was picky on the group, but I know him and we got going and it was a strong group. We had to wait on DPSing the boss just to not have Orthons and devils at same time. So we finish and I open the chest to find a +3 con tome. I don't even have a +3 on Pofo now, but thought, maybe I should hold for that last TR to get my last stacking 10 hp from TRing.

Then I saw a shroud up, not that I shroud more than once a week anymore, just so bored with it, but I noticed Pofo was on #19. So easy normal run through and yes, +3 Str tome in the reward list. Yes, Pofo is sitting nice for tomes to TR now. Maybe a little Von 6 EPIC action to see if I can pull some +4's, but since I have only ever pulled one, not going to wait forever for that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Turbine messed up with Update 11!

Been a while since I posted, but I just hit 1000 views of my blog and I really needed to wait a few days before I posted on this subject. If you are a DDO fan, I am sure you have heard the VIPS ripping Turbine for their decisions in Update 11 for Artificers, either in game or on the forums. Some VIPS don't care, but I don't think they are looking at the full picture, but that is their prerogative. So, here goes some bullets for how I think Turbine screwed the pooch on this one.

  • The biggest issue and the one that I find most disappointing is their complete lack of communication of the issue in the forums with their user base. At a minimum, they should post their thoughts/reasons behind how this is rolling out instead of vague statements they are having Cordovan post.

  • Since day one of Free to Play, VIPS have gotten new classes, races and adventure packs for free days before the rest of the user base. Free does include those classes/races you have to get favor to unlock. Of course the issue with Update 11, is that the favor unlock will not be available until update 12 because of how they decided to implement this. This in many VIP's minds, including mine means they have removed another benefit from being a VIP member.

  • Turbine has in the past let things go in the forums to let the community play itself out on an issue. Trying to control the angst with infraction points or forum bans. Usually, this works as the community works their their anger and get tired and moves on. This has not work on this issue. Over a week after the original posts in the forums on this issue and people are still commenting and the fighting is ugly. You have non-VIPs attacking VIPs when lets face it, non-VIPS don't have a dog in this fight. This is a VIP issue pure and simple. Now with that said, non-VIPs should be upset about Turbines lacks of communication.

  • Now, all the statements above a re purely my opinion, you don't have to agree. Not all VIPs believe this to be true. Not all non-VIPs believe the VIPs are being babies or what not, quite a few actually posted that they believe the VIPs are not getting what they pay for either.

    Bottom line, I think all DDO players and especially VIPs need to pay attention to what is happening, because if we meekly allow things like this to happen, it will only be the first step in Turbine trying to erode more of our paid for rights.