Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is Zombie form worth it?

OK, the TR train made it to level 6 last night for Burradrow and she got to take the new Pale Master form of Zombie.  First issue I have with it is that she now runs around like she has a stick stuck up her A@@.   Second issue is that the 20% swing speed makes it near impossible (in any useful way) to melee.  Lets face it, at lower levels, melee is how to level a wizard as they don't do enough damage with spells, with their mana pool, to try to kill stuff with mana.  Guess it is a good thing I have the Defense Guild guys to level with, as I am pretty sure I would struggle to solo level her and PUGS, well, we know how I feel about PUGS.

I also decided to see how much the changes in Update 9 effected my soloing of Epic Claw.  Well, it seems it totally killed it.  I took Soulful, my sorc in and never got past the first giant before I was out of mana.  As usual, the Turbine nerf bat was too big.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Burradrow is a lowbie again

Yes, TR time.  So Samius, Tobril, Torrance and Burradrow all TR'd yesterday.  So, lvl 1 to lvl 4 the first day.  Plus, always fun to watch Samius die as the Wizzard lives.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Success, it is sweet.

OK, after getting my Pale Master wizard, Burradrow soloing Epic claw, I couldn't stop.  So, I spent last couple days grinding the ingredients to make another petrifying staff for my Sorc Soulful.  Tonight, I got the final ingredient and make her staff.  So tonight, she join her wizard cousin and soloed Epic Claw.  So this means I can make between 1 and 1.5 EPIC tokens each night solo which is easier than pugging sometimes.  Not sure any other of my toons can solo it, but knowing me, I will keep trying to find ways for them to do it too.

Peace and see ya in Storm Reach.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nice start to the weekend

Just got back from a short vacation to visit family (and yes it sucked to not DDO while there).  So, first thing I did when I got home was to jump on Burradrow and solo Epic Claw.  I have it down pretty good now.  After that and a quick scroll farm of Von 1, the wife and I had our date night.

For those interested, date night was a trip to "Cooking at the Cottage" in Louisville Ky.  This is a place where you and your partner cook a 3 course meal with a chef teaching you what to do.  Last night was Lobster Ruzzoto, Chicken Cordon Blue (well, was a fancy version anyway) and Bourbon Chocolate Pie.  It was an awesome meal.

OK, back home and I jump on Canttouchths and run an Epic Von 6, and finally, I get one of the items I need, a belt of Mroranon.  That got made epic last night. Now I need the helm shard and helm, the seal for the silver concord cloak and shard for the gloves of the claw and Cant is basically done with equipment.

Next, Samius and Tobril had an Abbot going so I jump back on Burradrow, as she really needs to pick up a shroud of the Abbot.  Well, did not get the shroud, but all was not lost, picked up a Wretched Twilight.  Another very good item for a Pale Master.

So, a great start to the weekend.  See ya in Storm Reach this weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goal: Epic Claw Solo: Check

Ok, so a few days ago, I started trying to solo Epic Claw on Burradrow.  The one scorpion is a challenge, but tonight, I got it done.  No seal which stinks, but proof I can do it.  Keep practicing and I think I can get it down where I can do it on a more consistent basis.  Who says you need Sorcs to solo, Go Wizzy Power.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Solo, Not yet, but got some scrolls anyway

So, there was not much going on tonight.  Samius was off playing with Lessah, they try to say it was Cocktailhour, but you never know.  And I did not see much in LFMs that I wanted to do, so I practiced tonight.

My goal, to learn to solo Epic Claw.  I can get to the next to last scorpion, but I am still struggling to pull that one off.  Yes, I have watched the Youtube video and know what he does, but it still isn't easy, especially when your toon does not have points in move silently.  Note for next life, bump up that skill.  But even thou I did not succeed (yet), I was still able to pick up 3 scrolls on my attempts.  Also picked up another playing around in Von 1, so not an unproductive night and I didn't have to deal with pugs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

OK, Samius talked me into Pale Master

Been a little bit since I blogged, so I have to talk about this weekend.

I finished leveling Burradrow, my wizard, and second oldest toon this weekend.  I had her as an Arch Mage with Necro focus as I like to use Finger, PK and Wail.  I knew she was not going to do Epics and plan to TR her next.  But as I was talking to Samius, it hit me, she already had the feats to be Pale Master.  So I redid her enhancements and got a couple items and low and behold, she has 37 DC on her mass holds.  While not Chrono good, it is good for most epics and she has started grinding with the others.  Thanks to Samius, I have a Petrifying Shadow Staff to smack em while held.  I went into EPIC Claw tonight to fool around and with a little work on my sneaking, I should be able to solo that now.

So next piece, I have resisted Pale Master for a long time, as I am not one for the flavor of the month and everyone went Pale Master.  But Samius does know wizards and he kept telling me I got to go pale master.  Well, she is pretty awesome and the self healing is great.  But being my stubborn self, I will be TRing her next life back to Drow and full wizard, no rogue levels.  Trust me, Samius is probably right on splitting and getting evasion and more damage, but I figure if I get my DCs high enough, I can just level them down.  So if you look at the build Samius had on his MyDDO page, I plan on not doing the rogue and replacing the Power Attack and Insightful reflexes with Spell Focus and Great Spell Focus in enchantment.  And with drow intelligence bonus, I should be able to get both necro and enchantment DCs around 40.  Can always do another TR later if need be, but I think she will be pretty good after the first as I am liking the way she is playing now.  It is great to have resurrected a toon I used to love to play that no longer was really good enough to play and make her useful again.

See, I can do something besides complain about the client memory leak.