Saturday, July 16, 2011

And another EPIC item down.

OK, yesterday was interesting. I learned how to efficiently scroll farm Epic Chronoscope and pulled my first scroll, Charged Gauntlets. A quite nice scroll to pull. So last night, I was running with friends and they wanted to run Epic Chrono. I had not run it with Burradrow since getting her ready, so I said might as well try her out.

She did pretty good with crowd control, so I am still pleased with how her build came along. So we are in the bank after the Razor Arm fight and I pull the Seal for the Charged Gauntlets. I had thought about changing toons at the end to keep Burradrow off timer for farming, but now I have to try to get all three pieces in the same day.

We do the final fight and open the finally chest. No, I did not pull the shard, but I do have a Boots of Corrosion shard in there. Another player has the Charged Gauntlets shard and I offer to trade. She already has 6 shards for the boots, but she does put the shard up for roll. You guessed it, I out rolled 5 others to win the shard. So, I jump over to Pofo after the quest and built him some Epic Charged Gauntlets. Adds that extra kick to using the Epic Antique Great Ax I built him the other day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yesterday was a good day.

OK, so the day started out bad, since I got up not feeling well. After notifying work I would not be in, I went back to bed. I always seem to get better with sleep. So later that evening, after feeling somewhat better, I jumped on DDO.

I hooked up with Tobril and Devine and we went and did some favor in Amarath as I needed to get my yugo pots. We did Sins and Genesis elite and I am 3 points short, but Devine has a friend with a Abbot up and I still need a few things out of there, so we go do that.

The changes in Abbot from the patch seem to be that he has many more HP now than before, which doesn't make it harder, just uses up resources that were not needed before. Turbine, not really kewl with this change. Anyway, 6 mana pots later, yes, I said much more resource intensive as I used none before, we complete. The chest is opened, and I get a Litany. OK, I was not as upset about the 6 mana pots anymore.

I went after this and ran Bastian on normal solo and finished off my Amarath favor and now have my yugo pots. Between the Litany and Yugo pots, I can now get my Necro DC to 44 and my Enchantment to 43. Not bad, still could use a bigger boat and +3/4 int tome, but definitely getting strong. I am torn now, I am not sure I want to TR her again.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Burradrow has had a good weekend.

It is funny how one little thing can make it a good weekend in DDO. So, I was running around with Samius Duo'ing Twelve quest to get him flagged for TOD. He had to go eat since his wife does not bring his meals to his computer like mine does. I know, I am spoiled. So he logs off and I check what is on LFM before going to solo farm scrolls or something and wait, there is a TOD up. In the interest of setting the mood, I had joined a pug Abbott earlier and roids failed twice. I still can't understand why people can't do roids since they are so easy. But, I after running with Samius, I was calmed back down. So, I join as the kiter, which I have not done on Burradrow, but have done a few times on my sorc Soulfully. Well, as expected, it was easier on Burradrow than on the sorc as a Pale Master is easier to keep healed. So we do finally fight, interesting with other WF wizard kiting Sully and me healing him. We finish pretty easy and I open the chest to find my Pale Master ring sitting there smiling at me. So that is the happy part. The minor sad part is that moves my spyglasses out of trinket and I have to get the Litany as well as the shroud out of Abbot.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

DDO Google+ Club

So, I was talking with some of my fellow DDO players recently after Google+ came out and we were talking about getting DDO players onto Google+. Well, Turbine probably couldn't sponsor trying to get it going so I bit the bullet. I posted on the DDO forums here asking who wanted to join the DDO Google+ Club. So far, we have had 14 people join as seen by our tracking spreadsheet seen here and over 500 views of the forum post. OK, 12 as of this writing with two invites pending. I am hoping we continue to grow this and connect DDO players on Google+ and that I was not totally crazy for trying this.

Feel free to share with as many DDO folks as you can so we can grow our little club. As of this morning, Google+ invites are back open so I can get invites out. But we never know when or for how long they will let us invite.