Monday, February 28, 2011

Time for EPICS

OK, was too much time in game this weekend to blog.  But tonight, big milestone, CANTTOUCHTHS is capped again.  Still have some gear grind to do, but he is pretty decent now with 72 self buffed AC, 56 intim.  Pretty sure after I get the gear, probably couple more AC and then when he (in the future), TR's into HELF, should easily self buff over 80.  You know, sometimes the gear grind is a little much, but love playing the game so much that I just switch to another project and come back later.  DDO is the best out there.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Events equal alot less sleep

Yep, 5 a.m. to bed, and 10 a.m. time to start again.  Too many great items and xp to get to sleep too much this weekend.  Time to go egg hunt and get ready for the defense guild guys to log on and start eventing again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TOD Time

Tonight, Samius and I (on Canttouchths) duo'd Bastian and New Invasion to get TOD flagged.  Right as we finished, a TOD popped up and we both got in.  I got my Stalwart Defender necklace and now start the grind for my ring.  Samius did get his Wizard ring for when he makes it back to Wizard.

Overall, was a real good night.  The 27k+ of xp from TOD has Cant at second bubble of level 19.  Got some grinding to do on his gear before I TD him again to Half Elf, but I think he is going to be a pretty strong toon when he does go HELF as I am liking how he plays now as a half-ling.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Event time

Well, the birthday event was launched today and I met up with the defense guild folks and we ran it quite a bit tonight.  Made 7 runs thru the crystal quest, all successful.  6 was with the defense guild at level 25 and I took Canttouchths thru once with his hireling cleric at level 15.  Awesome ran 3 of my many toons thru the egg hunt and pulled 4 medium xp pots and a repair anvil for my specials.  The event is popping off very high level loot thou.  I pulled 200k weapons and 100k items.

Going to be a busy birthday event, especially with the bonus xp as I still have 3 toons I need to get from 19-20.

Think you guys will enjoy the event if you did not get to try it tonight.

Cant made lvl 19 and

Got a number of raids in this weekend to include my first VOD.  Ran it on hard and pulled a +3 int tome.  Could have been a better tome but since I plan to TR him again into a Half Elf, at least I will get some more skill points out of it.  I was able to hit raid buffed 80 AC today.  Once I TR into the Helf, think I will hit mid 80's at least.  and with the extra Helf intim timer, should make a good toon for holding the aggro.  My Helf Dilettante will be Wizard so I can use 10 min shield wands and blur wands plus various other wizardly goodness.  That makes even Samius like the toon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, not as much playing tonight, but good progress

Well, did not have as much playing time tonight, but made best of the time.  Ran with the Defense Guild guys and got a Prey on Hunter, Abbott, Demon Queen and Reaver done tonight.  Got a couple raid items, one of which will be useful next life.  Staff of Arcane Power should work with my next life using the helf dilettante for Wizard.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hound Down and trucking

Yep, tonight was Cant's first Hound on this life.  Also spent time with Samius and Torrance getting to level 17.3, 113k short of level 18 now.  Samius is going to try to see if the guild/friends want to run a Shroud tomorrow evening and also we have to look at getting in some Abbotts.  I could see CANT running a bunch of raids next weekend if he is off timer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cant hits 17

Last night, running around with Samius, Tobril and Torrance, CANT hit level 17.  I am now flagged for Von, Reaver, Abbott and Shroud.  Abbott was the worst as usual as it took many runs to get all of us the piece to flag.

Tonight, hit the rest of GH elites and then turned our attention toward Reaver Refuse.  SOS runs in the future.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Canttouchths hits level 15

First off, Sunday, I ran all the Giant Hold Walk-ups with Samius and Torrance. Good XP and amazing how fast and easy they are at level when you are playing with good players. 

Then tonight, we ran POP and Madstone, which finished off getting me to level 15.  Nothing like hitting 15 to go to the +7 Armour Bracers for another point of AC.  Cant enjoys self buffing to 66 AC in Stalwart Defender stance and Intimidating everything to him for the party to kill.  For those that don't know, Cant's previous life was mostly Ranger, so he has the past life feat to get 3 clicks of Bark Skin. 

It is going to be interesting when I get him to level 20 and geared out to see if a dex based tank can hold the argo in Elites and Epics.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Canttouchths hits level 14

Cant, running watching Samius die yesterday hit level 14.  Then did some raiding with the Defense Guild, short manned of course.  Cant got his first runs of Chrono, Titan and Demon Queen in for this life.