Tuesday, June 7, 2011

EPIC Snitch, Burradrow seems to be good

OK, last night, I joined a pug (I know, it is shocking) with Burradrow and did an Epic Snitch.  I started with my ship buffs and all with a 41 DC on my dancing ball/mass holds.  That was working greater.  I died in the fire trap, thank you lag gods, so my dc dropped to 40.  But it did not seem to change much and my spells where still hitting well.  So I am guessing the build I came up with for Burradrow is working.  She is sitting with both Greater Necro and Enchantment focus.  She has almost 2200 sp and 430ish hp in form.  Not bad for a drow that only took one toughness.  I will likely TR her again later just to make her stronger, but she appears to be doing fine now.  A chrono run at some point may tell the difference, but I am happy with her.  I may do a sorc or fvs life just to get her more SP at some point.

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