Sunday, June 5, 2011

Burradrow, my PM is back to cap.

OK, tonight saw Burradrow return to cap.  So, how will my tr'd Pale Master do in epics.  Well, time will tell but a few things I can tell you now.  She has a Necro DC of 42 when holding my greater necro weapon and a Enchantment DC of 41 when holding the correct weapon.  Of course, both of these are in Lich form.  Her intelligence is at 44 in form, and I only have a +2 tome at this point.  So, I should be able to eventually get her to 46.  Epic spirit glasses eventually will allow me to have Greater Necro and Enchantment at the same time.  So, back to the epic grind for now until the TR bug hits me again.

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