Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Been a while, time to start posting again

Honestly, I still have not gotten over Turbines screw job on their users with the Artificers. U12 challenges did not fix anything, it may have actually made it worse. So, that is not what I want to blog about, but if you want to hear a rant sometime, find me in game and mention it and you will get an ear full.

So, let's talk Completionist. As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to make my cleric Sinfully into a Completionist. OK, first we must establish that I really did not enjoy being a healer, so making Sinfully my Completionist toon meant I did not have to do a Cleric life.

So, where are we at today. The next life I did on Sinfully was a Favored Soul. Now, remember above I mentioned I hate playing healer, so my FVS was 9 lvl's monk and 11 FVS at the end. She was duel wielding Long Swords with Whirling Strike and the FVS sovereignty for Long Swords. OK, first, it was kind of fun, but let me say that not a toon you probably want to try to use at higher levels. Since I am on the TR train with Samius, Tobril and Dezember, I could have fun without worrying about trying to have an optimum character. I think after I hit the trainer for level 20, she lasted about an hour before she was TR'd. So where are we today? I decided Barb was my next life so I can get the extra hit points for future lifes, lets face it, got at minimum 10 more lives if I repeat no classes, and some are worth repeating. I may not have mentioned, she will be a Pale Master in the end, so more hp, spell pen, spell points, etc is not a bad thing. So, as of tonight, I am sitting at 12 barb (Frenzy II), Rogue 4 (I am the trapper for the group this life) and 1 fighter (extra feat never hurts) Again, not an optimal build, but she hits well, as a Half Elf, she can use heal scrolls at 95% and raise dead scrolls, restore scrolls. She can UMD teleport scrolls and such. So again, fun, functional this life. Level 18 is likely going to be rogue for the UMD and Search/spot bump.

Also, as we get close to 20, have to think next life. Thinking at this point, she will be 12 bard (war chanter), 6 fighter (Kensai), 2 rogue. But like all my lives so far, this is a base that could change at any point as I feel froggy. Only guarantee is she will get enough Bard to get the Bard past life done. If you have a good group of friend to TR train with, TRing thru the completionist lifes can be more fun. It can be learning experiences as you test what kind of combinations you can do. See Samius's DDO blog for the things he is/has been doing for his lives.