Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wow, CANT cant believe it

OK, last night I capped.  Tonight, family goes to a movie and then when I get home, I see a TOD posted.  I figure I need to get my completions in (this is to be number 2) so I can grind to 20 and hopefully get my Stalwart ring.  Well, don't have to worry about 20 completions now as I actually pulled it.  Did not even have to hope to win a roll.  Worst part is I am not ready for it as now I need to grind out my epic helm of MROR to move the Wisdom 6 to that slot to keep my AC.  What a nice dilemma to have.  Was also great to hit 82 AC when fully raid buffed in TOD.  Next life is going to be even sweeter now.

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