Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, not a bad night

Well, didn't post any blog entries this weekend, as not a lot exciting happened, but I did get my Epic Warding Shield on Sunday evening which added 2 more AC for Canttouchths allowing him to self buff to 77 sustained now.  The 30 blocking DR not bad either.  Once I can get my epic Mroranan Helm, that will be 4 more AC.  That HELF TR in the future is looking better and better.

Last night, was experiencing some lag and really only did one quest, but it was a 2 man Epic Von 1 with Tobril.  Got to like those Defense Guild guys.  (and the lovely lady Awnia that has to put up with Samius since she married him).

Tonight thou was not the best loot night, but it was a great night for questing.  Did and Epic DQ (only had 1 person die once), Elite VOD (no deaths) and Elite Shroud (1 person died).  They were all super smooth and about some of the best runs I have had in those quests and to be EPIC and Elite, makes it that much better.

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