Monday, March 21, 2011

Pofo is capped again.

After a long weekend of Cove runs, tonight I decided to skip the cove and I solo'd a few quests and finally finished capping Pofo back to 20.  Popped in Von 1 EPIC to kill a few things before my cleric got killed and thus so did I.  But I was able to take out the minotaurs including the named.  So I think Pofo is going to be fun to play in EPICs.

I wa always pondering at work today if CANTTOUCHTHS should go 18 Pally/2 Monk instead of fighter.  I am thinking with Defender of Syberius instead of Fighter with Stalwart Defender, I would get more AC from the Pally Aura.  Sometime, I will have to sit down and figure out the numbers.  Not sure I want to grind for the DOS ring when I already have the Stalwart set.  Maybe I run some more TODs on CANT while he is still 20 and if that ring comes up, I can think seriously about it.

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