Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy night for CANT

Well, I ran a bunch of stuff tonight.  Let's see, EPIC VON 6, EPIC Big TOP.  Then we had Abbot, VOD (CANT tanked it on hard easily), TOD (failed, maybe I should have tanked it), and Shroud.  Also succeeded in getting blacklisted by a dude because I passed my loot to a friend instead of putting it up for roll.  Note I said, I passed loot chest gave to me to a friend and dude got mad.  It is ok, now I will have to look for groups he is in to jump into for the hell of it to see if he drops because I passed my loot and did not give it to him.  Funniest part was he sent a tell to Samius asking if I gave it to a guildie/friend and when Samius told him yea, he told Samius he was blacklisting me.  Didn't even ask me.  Well, I will always look to friend first as my friends usually do the same for me.  Maybe I should have kept that +4 char tome that one time that I let the group roll on since I couldn't use it, lol.

Oh, another funny tonight, running a VOD and two healers which were FVS's, neither had death ward to cast on group.  Not even the single target version.    Some days, it just makes me laugh and other days I shake my head.  Some things are simply required to know at those levels and people don't get it.

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