Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OK, so I don't blog often

Yes, I am lazy so I don't blog that often.  Unlike Samius, I don't get a chance to blog from work, so when I get home, it is DDO time, but hey, I am on vacation this week and something kind new happened to me last night I had to mention.

So, I am on life 6 or so of Sinfully's march to completionist.  As Samius has mentioned before in his blog, I have been doing more of the classes I don't like to solo with while running the train with him and the group when they are with us.  This life is something I can solo, but I hate.  Yes, I hate Paladin's.  I have never gotten a Paladin past level 8 before because they are such a pretend to do everything class.  They do none of it well, so I am not a fan.  To help, since this is TRs runs to get to 20, notch a class and move on to next life, I am not doing a pure Paladin, not even close.  At 20, Sin will be 6 Rogue (for evasion, UMD and open lock, no thief skills as Samius has that with his Arty), 6 Fighter (Kensai for Falchon to play with my Lit II Falchon) and 8 Pally (Knight of Challice, just to get Pally out of the way).

Here is a couple things that happened this weekend, first was a run thru Object of Blood. Single run, two pairs of Spectral gloves.  I have pulled the gloves numerous times of the years, but don't remember pulled 2 on the same run before.  Next was a Maid to Order run.  Samius is pure on his Arty, also known as no evasion.  So I played trap detector.  Using my best Barbarian impression, I ran down the middle tripping the traps so Sam could jump around and disarm them.  I think I got hit once the whole run, so my evasion/reflex was working pretty well.

Also this weekend, began the respecting of Canttouchths.  Cant is my tank and I tweak him here and there and eventually plan to TR him (third life) to a Helf Stalwart Defender.  He has a lot of epic gear, including the Chimera's Fang, so I switched out a feat to get a Dragon Mark.  Cant is 2 monk/18 fighter wis/dex based AC Stalwart Defender.  He was set up as 2 weapon fighting when that was way to get AC and so forth, but I am switching out those feats to make him better sword and board.  I also reset his feats today, so what does he get right now.  I can self/my boat buff his AC to 83, can hit 70 on intim.  When I get that TR in, it will go higher, but I want to wait until after the expansion to see what all changes.

OK, time to go back to work.  Need to do some raiding during the days while Sam is at work.  Need Epic Tokens for more TR woods.  Need more Epic tokens for Cant's gear.  NEED MOAR!

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