Friday, January 20, 2012

Fopo Rant

You know, every once in a while, I have to rant about DDO, but this time, I will not even rant at Turbine.

So, what this time?  Foruminites (hey, close as I can spell it and you get the point.)

So, I read the forums a lot more than I post, mainly because I often make people mad when I post, and no, I don't do it on purpose, it is just a talent I have.  So few things I have read about lately have made me shake my head.  "Ban the Exploiters", if you have read the forums at all in the last month, you have had to see these threads.  First folks, it is a freaking game we ALL like to play.  If someone uses an exploit (defined by our individual views) or not means nothing to me.  I play the game the way I believe it is meant to be played and play it with people I enjoy playing it with.  I don't care if they have the best gear in the game or still have Korthos gear, if I like playing with them, all is good.  I have played with many players over the years with the best gear and the fact that it did not make them any less of an ass, means I still didn't want to play with them.

My son just capped his first character he created 5 years ago (he was 11 when he created the character), a wizard (not a PM or AM, a wizard).  His wizard sucked as a character, level 20 and barely 200 hp, but you know, he has a group of friends that love to play together and it works for them.  Now, he is going to TR to Wizard and I gave him a plan for a Pale Master, not because I wanted to tell him how to play, but because he asked me to help.  He has the right thought process for enjoying the game, don't worry what others have/use, have fun playing how you want.

So, another recent post that Samius posted in and tweeted about, relating to some ideas on new gear for TR based toons and so forth.  It didn't take long for the OVERPOWERED crew to jump in.  I laugh when I see these posts.  As many of you already know from my blog or Samius's blog, we have a TR train going to work on completionist characters.  I laugh because these OVERPOWERED ideas will make the content to easy.  So, here is the rest of the story.  Samius is a perfectionist when it comes to character (never call them toons and he does not play toons) and part of that is crafting the top end gear to level with.  It is how he likes to play and makes him happy.  Now, I like to put together weird build (or at least different) and I often don't even put stat items on before level 13 where +6's take affect.  We both can blow thru content without any effort.  How can this be (Knowledge and experience overcomes gear every time).  I also have another character, Chowonthis, my monk that is currently doing his second life solo.  I am currently level 7.5 and not even considered grouping.  I also have a current elite bravery streak that started with my first quest in Korthos.  So the take away from all this, players are ALL OVERPOWERED and should all be BANNED.

Well, since I haven't felt well the last few days, I am going to BAN myself to a nap and think about my OVERPOWEREDNESS.

You have been Fopo'd!

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