Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sneaking back into epics and raids

So, I have been on the TR train with Sinfully for awhile now and really have not done much raiding or epics, so last night after bowling, I was only one on so I jumped on Canttouchths and joined an Epic Chrono.  I just joined to run the quest, but I ended up being the tank which is no big deal as that is what Cant was built to do.  My healer last track of me in the first mini boss fight and that cost my ship buffs, but hey, we did things before ship buffs.

We get to the end fight and I have solid aggro on the boss but an intimidate pulls trash on me as well and I go down as the damage incoming is more than my healer can keep up with.  At this point, all could go screwy, but a barb takes over until I can get raised and rebuffed.  I was then able to hit intim and take aggro back.  Then it is just a beat fest until he runs out of HP.

So how did I do on my pulls, well, probably one of my best Chrono runs.  A scroll of Docent of Diabolist, seal of Helm of Frost and finish with a shard of the Charged Gauntlets.  Maybe I need to run more Epic Chrono's.

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