Monday, January 2, 2012

So life 4 begins

During a TR train, you get plenty of time to talk about various things, but one thing always happens toward the end of a TR life, you begin talking and planning for the next life.  So last life on Sinfully as a barb, her saves were not great.  Samius suggested a Bard next life to help with the saves, so Sinfully is now a level 4 Bard. 

So the plan this life is a 12 Bard/6 Fighter/2 Rogue.  She will be doing War Chanter/Kensai using Falchons.  Have to get all the use out of that green steel falchon I built that I can.  She is a Half Elf with the Artificer Dilly.  Mainly, I wanted to see what I could accomplish with the Arty Dilly, with an option to switch to Favored Soul if needed later, but so far, fun playing with scrolls and seeing them extended.

I also spent some time last night running challenges.  I have not done many of these, but decided to work on my favor some as I still do not think buying Arty's should be required for VIPs.  I did some solo runs, sort of learning some of the challenges.  I was able to 2 star a couple and 1 star some others.  I then joined a group and did some Epic level runs and was able to 3 star an elite.  The TR Train group keeps talking about challenges, so some of those may be in the future.

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