Friday, July 15, 2011

Yesterday was a good day.

OK, so the day started out bad, since I got up not feeling well. After notifying work I would not be in, I went back to bed. I always seem to get better with sleep. So later that evening, after feeling somewhat better, I jumped on DDO.

I hooked up with Tobril and Devine and we went and did some favor in Amarath as I needed to get my yugo pots. We did Sins and Genesis elite and I am 3 points short, but Devine has a friend with a Abbot up and I still need a few things out of there, so we go do that.

The changes in Abbot from the patch seem to be that he has many more HP now than before, which doesn't make it harder, just uses up resources that were not needed before. Turbine, not really kewl with this change. Anyway, 6 mana pots later, yes, I said much more resource intensive as I used none before, we complete. The chest is opened, and I get a Litany. OK, I was not as upset about the 6 mana pots anymore.

I went after this and ran Bastian on normal solo and finished off my Amarath favor and now have my yugo pots. Between the Litany and Yugo pots, I can now get my Necro DC to 44 and my Enchantment to 43. Not bad, still could use a bigger boat and +3/4 int tome, but definitely getting strong. I am torn now, I am not sure I want to TR her again.

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