Saturday, July 9, 2011

DDO Google+ Club

So, I was talking with some of my fellow DDO players recently after Google+ came out and we were talking about getting DDO players onto Google+. Well, Turbine probably couldn't sponsor trying to get it going so I bit the bullet. I posted on the DDO forums here asking who wanted to join the DDO Google+ Club. So far, we have had 14 people join as seen by our tracking spreadsheet seen here and over 500 views of the forum post. OK, 12 as of this writing with two invites pending. I am hoping we continue to grow this and connect DDO players on Google+ and that I was not totally crazy for trying this.

Feel free to share with as many DDO folks as you can so we can grow our little club. As of this morning, Google+ invites are back open so I can get invites out. But we never know when or for how long they will let us invite.


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