Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Solo, Not yet, but got some scrolls anyway

So, there was not much going on tonight.  Samius was off playing with Lessah, they try to say it was Cocktailhour, but you never know.  And I did not see much in LFMs that I wanted to do, so I practiced tonight.

My goal, to learn to solo Epic Claw.  I can get to the next to last scorpion, but I am still struggling to pull that one off.  Yes, I have watched the Youtube video and know what he does, but it still isn't easy, especially when your toon does not have points in move silently.  Note for next life, bump up that skill.  But even thou I did not succeed (yet), I was still able to pick up 3 scrolls on my attempts.  Also picked up another playing around in Von 1, so not an unproductive night and I didn't have to deal with pugs.

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