Monday, April 4, 2011

OK, Samius talked me into Pale Master

Been a little bit since I blogged, so I have to talk about this weekend.

I finished leveling Burradrow, my wizard, and second oldest toon this weekend.  I had her as an Arch Mage with Necro focus as I like to use Finger, PK and Wail.  I knew she was not going to do Epics and plan to TR her next.  But as I was talking to Samius, it hit me, she already had the feats to be Pale Master.  So I redid her enhancements and got a couple items and low and behold, she has 37 DC on her mass holds.  While not Chrono good, it is good for most epics and she has started grinding with the others.  Thanks to Samius, I have a Petrifying Shadow Staff to smack em while held.  I went into EPIC Claw tonight to fool around and with a little work on my sneaking, I should be able to solo that now.

So next piece, I have resisted Pale Master for a long time, as I am not one for the flavor of the month and everyone went Pale Master.  But Samius does know wizards and he kept telling me I got to go pale master.  Well, she is pretty awesome and the self healing is great.  But being my stubborn self, I will be TRing her next life back to Drow and full wizard, no rogue levels.  Trust me, Samius is probably right on splitting and getting evasion and more damage, but I figure if I get my DCs high enough, I can just level them down.  So if you look at the build Samius had on his MyDDO page, I plan on not doing the rogue and replacing the Power Attack and Insightful reflexes with Spell Focus and Great Spell Focus in enchantment.  And with drow intelligence bonus, I should be able to get both necro and enchantment DCs around 40.  Can always do another TR later if need be, but I think she will be pretty good after the first as I am liking the way she is playing now.  It is great to have resurrected a toon I used to love to play that no longer was really good enough to play and make her useful again.

See, I can do something besides complain about the client memory leak.

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