Monday, September 26, 2011

Bravery Bonus is kewl

OK, so I decided to make my cleric (I hate playing cleric) into my Completionist. Figure that way I don't have to do a cleric life and I get rid of my cleric. So I have a funky build in mind as usual, 3 FVS, then 8 Monk then rest back to FVS. This gets my FVS life over and I am playing with the Monk feat for Long Swords along with the FVS path for Long swords. Dual Wielding Long swords looks kewl if nothing else. So I TR'd her Friday night late and with a few other toon runs over the weekend, I was able to get her to 5.2 tonight. But the kewl part is playing with the Bravery Bonus. I have ran none of the solo quests and every quest is Elite first run. So far, I have a streak of 37 Elites. Now, that is not saying I haven't ran some hards and normals on those quest that give good xp, just that they must be done elite first. This is the first time in a long while that I can say that I have enjoyed leveling a toon. Heck, my Bastard Sword bard barely made level 8 because I hate leveling so much. Be interesting to see how far I can take this because I am doing all with just a hireling cleric. Cure light is all I have and wand whipping in the middle of fights is not conducive to getting done quick. I am not a fan of pugs so I want to see how far I can level her on her own. Go Go Sinfully, you one bad girl.

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