Monday, August 15, 2011

Been a while

Has been a little while since I blogged but a nice thing happened this weekend I thought I would mention. I was running an Epic Devil's Assault with guys and pulled a nice set of handwraps, +5 Silver Threaded Handwraps of Pure Good. I thought at first that I would put them on my monk Chowonthis, but then Tobril mentioned I could ask what I wanted for them. So I decided to put them up on the marketplace and currently I have an offer of 4 FRDS and 2 LDS. Unfortunately as of the posting of this entry, Turbine appears to be down so I can not verify a potential higher bid. After getting my Red Armor Shard the other day, I am only 5 FRDS's away from finishing my Red Dragon Robe, so it is possible that I will get to craft it tonight.

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