Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joy in Mudville

OK, we all know that the thing Turbine is best at is taking away tactics we come up with to do quests.  Well, the changes in update 9 have had tremendous negative effects to using the life stealing property to solo Epic Claw.  Well, I am not one that likes being defeated, so tonight, I took my new Water Savant spec'd sorc, Soulful in there and solo'd it.  To be honest, in some ways it was easier, others tougher, but in general, probably equaled out and I got my fragments.

While I am sure new videos will hit youtube (assuming they have not, because I didn't look), but I was happy that I figured it out myself and did it.  I am sure that a few more tweaks to Soulful's feats and spells will make her stronger,  but after I get Burradrow (my Pale Master Wizzy) back to cap.  I might TR Soulful into Wizzy and then back to Sorc to get those DCs up and all.  But, the point of this particular post was that stick to it and you will find another way to do what you were doing before.

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