Saturday, May 7, 2011

BYOH, life of the Pale Master

I noticed that a few times lately, someone has hit my blog while searching on google using the terms DDO, Pale Master and Healing, so I figured I would do something I usually leave for Samius over on his blog at  It also goes along with his recent post

So, why did I title this post "BYOH, life of the Pale Master"?  Well, as soon as you go into undead form, besides all the strong advantages you get to the character, you have pretty much signed up to heal yourself.  Since a divine healer cannot heal you with their normal spells, you cannot count on them having Inflict wounding spells to use on you.  So what do we do to take care of ourselves?

The most important is to make yourself into the arcane version of a radiant servant cleric.  By going into death forms, you can use the lesser death aura and death aura to have a constant healing (wounding) coming to you.  I find that with a PM, I do more melee time than I ever did before PM, so this is very powerful way to keep yourself healed.  Of course, you can also use inflict wounding wands/scrolls on yourself if you have the UMD to accomplish it.  This brings use to another good thing to know.

Behind the inn next to delera's graveyard, there is a NPC named Verisgante.  If you going into undead form and speak to him, he will have an extra option that states "You and I are not so different".  If you take that option, another NPC shows up.  This person allows you to exchange collectables for things that will be very helpful to you, such as wands, scrolls and my favorite to have on me, Inflict Critical wounds potions.  These can be used by a PM just like a Cure Serious healing by a regular toon.  To get the potions, you turn in "Funeral Tokens" and these are very easy to collect up from undead.

So, there you go.  BYOH for Pale Masters.