Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Event time

Well, the birthday event was launched today and I met up with the defense guild folks and we ran it quite a bit tonight.  Made 7 runs thru the crystal quest, all successful.  6 was with the defense guild at level 25 and I took Canttouchths thru once with his hireling cleric at level 15.  Awesome ran 3 of my many toons thru the egg hunt and pulled 4 medium xp pots and a repair anvil for my specials.  The event is popping off very high level loot thou.  I pulled 200k weapons and 100k items.

Going to be a busy birthday event, especially with the bonus xp as I still have 3 toons I need to get from 19-20.

Think you guys will enjoy the event if you did not get to try it tonight.

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